Link Chrometa to RocketMatter to start syncing your Chrometa time entries to RocketMatter.

Requires a Chrometa account. Start your free trial

Cut down on busy work by linking Chrometa to RocketMatter so that time entries allocated to clients in Chrometa automatically copy over into RocketMatter.

Copy time entries to RocketMatter.

Automatically copy Chrometa time entries into RocketMatter.

Keep clients and matters in sync.

When a client is created or updated in RocketMatter, it is automatically created or updated in Chrometa as well.

Need help getting started?. Visit the Chrometa Help Center to learn how to set up the RocketMatter integration.

Visit RocketMatter's website to create an account.

Automatic Time Tracking

'Passive' time tracking that’s easy to learn and use.

Time spent on documents, emails and websites for each connected user and on different devices (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Remote desktop...) is automatically tracked in the background and uploaded to your Chrometa cloud account. This is done with the Chrometa trackers for Mac and Windows.

Automatic Time Allocation

Allocate the time to the relevant client/matter: This is done through 'rules'. A rule consists of a keyword or combination of keywords (e.g. client name, matter ID, client email address) and the matter to allocate the time to. A set of rules is automatically created when a client or matter is imported from RocketMatter. You can also add custom rules.

Report & Export

Use Chrometa's real-time dashboards to track and report time entries or invoices by matter, team, or user. Easily group and export time entries, invoices, and billing data.

You can then either export the time to RocketMatter (to a Timesheet) or schedule an automatic export (anything allocated is sent) to RocketMatter.

Invoice & Get Paid

Automatically transform time spent to revenue using Chrometa's built-in invoicing system and reports.

Provide clients with more transparency into the billing process, and eliminate billing disputes at the source. With Chrometa, you can take back control of your finances with our automatic time tracking, invoice templates, dynamic dashboards, and custom system integrations.

To learn more about Chrometa variety of innovative features, click here for a 30 day free trial.

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