Announcing Chrometa integration with 3CX

2022 is here and we are ready! We have lots of updates and product enhancements planned. We're starting with out integration with 3CX phone calls.

The Chrometa/3CX integrations allows a firm admin or a solo user to import phone calls made through 3CX to Chrometa timesheets. Each phone call's details (time, caller, destination, duration) is imported as a time entry.

What’s new?

Before this, Chrometa could only capture the total time when you were on the 3CX interface. Details about the call were not captured. Calls through a mobile device could not be tracked and if you opened documents during the call, the call duration was incorrect.

With the new integration, each time you or one of your team members make or receive a call through 3CX, on any device (Chrometa being installed or not installed) Chrometa imports the call into a billable time entry. For example, if a team member John ends a call from his client ACME, Chrometa lists the time entry with the time of the call, the contact name, the total time and allocates the time entry to the client.

A recent study shows that, on average, a lawyer spends 1.4 hours every day on their phones conducting billable work. Billable hours have a direct impact on how much they are paid. So, it is very important that all time is properly captured and billed.

What do I need to do?

Go to Integrations> Chrometa Settings > and enter your settings under the 3CX logo

Who is this available for?

The 3CX integration is available for our customers using Chrometa V22. It will be available in all Chrometa 'Plus' plans with no additional cost.

When will I have access to the feature?

Screenshots will be generally available starting in February 2022. It will roll out between January 30th and February 05, 2022. The integration link will be visible on all the applicable accounts latest by completion date.

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