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In most law firms, lawyers work simultaneously on multiple matters, for multiple clients, reading and writing different documents and apps, answering phone calls, replying to emails, all this while being constantly interrupted.

Even with the help of timers and stopwatches, time tracking is hard, tedious and frustrating. This may result in under billing (try to remember what you did yesterday!), or overcharging the client (risking to break the trust) inaccurate or late billing

Time is Automatically Tracked as you Work

This is where Chrometa comes in: Chrometa automatically captures time writing and reading all documents on your PC or Mac, time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing or reading emails or time spent on meetings through your agenda and calendar.

VPNs and Terminal Servers

If your lawyers access their environment through a VPN, Terminal Server or a Remote Desktop Connection, Chrometa will track the time they work on documents, emails, web sites and applications

Time is Automatically Allocated to Clients and Matters

With Chrometa’s rules and automations, all tracked time is allocated to the correct client and matter, down to the second.

Office Managers and Team Admins Can Access Company-Wide Timesheets

A Team admin or office manager has access to the timesheets from all team members (lawyers) or a group of lawyers. They can set up the list of clients, matters and automations. They can adjust the time on each task and for each lawyer, create approval processes and export the time to your invoicing system or create an invoice in Chrometa.

Chrometa integrates with your existing tools

Chrometa has 100+ integrations with major legal practice management systems, like Clio, Cosmolex, RocketMatter , Salesforce, Practice Panther… No need to reinvent the wheels and duplicate your clients database. Chrometa keeps your clients and matter in sync with your favorite management system

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